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June 14, 2008


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Please please please please please try to remember one thing when doing an interview - I'm tuning in to hear Nathan so why do you have the mic so close to you and so far from him?

I'm in work and have crappy speakers and all I can hear is your voice. No offense but that's not what the link advertised. And it's not just you - it's a general podcast thing. The sound sucks so you need to compensate for that and no one does and it's why radio is not going to go away coz you make things sound amateur even though the content is highly professional.

Bottom line and please don't take offense podcasters everywhere but...

Its Not About You!


Bottom line and please don't take offense Missyu but you have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever listened to this show? If you had, you would know that this show is highly respected among professionals and is a fan favorite. If you had listened to other shows you would know that this show is professional, and maybe just sometimes, just sometimes, unexpected things occur. Like the mic issue. This wasn't Jimmy being nervous or unprofessional or as you kindly said: making it about him, it just was an honest mistake. But rather than enjoying a FULL FRAKKIN' HOUR with Nathan Fillion for free, like most fanboys, you have to bitch and wine and complain. This is one of the reasons fandom is put in a negative light. You have people who have NO social skills who creep out or annoy the celeb they are meeting, and then you have people like Missyu, who bitch about any and everything , they act like they can do better but instead decide to continue to live there lonely pathetic life all the while complaining. What's that Missyu? Am I judging you without knowing anything about you? Am I being rude to you? Hmmm, that's funny because that's exactly what I though of you when I read your post. "Now get the hell off my ship."


I can get over the mic-issues. It's common among podcasts. But Jimmy seems to be seriously in love with his own voice. He keeps talking over his interviewee and interjecting with his own experiences. Thanks a billion for the Fillion fix, but I'm not subscribing today.


wow. let's play nice kids.

i emailed back and forth w/ the first poster this morning. we were generally pretty civil, though i did feel a bit attacked even in the continuing emails. perhaps not her meaning, so i'll chalk it up to one of those "cant read true intent online" things.

and really courtney? clearly you havent listened to the show in the past and wont again and that's fine. guess what? it's a running joke about me loving the sound of my own voice. yep. i do. :) and as i explained to someone else, we dont interview people so much as we have conversations. and in conversations, you relate w/ one another as nathan and i did. (and as he told me, it was a fun conversation and he enjoyed the give and take of it. our listeners have not complained about it in over 3 years. unfortunate that you couldnt sit back and try to enjoy it but your opinion is your own.

and hey, we have thousands of subscribers. maybe one day i'll learn to just say "yes. uh huh. okay" and not give any input. then i'll have you! mwhahaha! ;) :)


Oh but I did enjoy it! I listened to the whole thing and put it on my iPod so I could listen to it again later. I was just making a style comment which, in rereading, was more terse than I meant it. Keep flying!


Great interview, Fillion's such a friendly guy. Sure the mic thing is a bit noticeable, but you did a great job drawing out his funny stories and your questions were things I've always wondered about bt no one ever seems to ask him. Thanks!


thanks shayan! i appreciate it. nathan is awesome and we will be sure to have him on again some time in the future. great guy. thanks for appreciating it for what it is w/o hating on the mic issues like some. :)

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